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Remote Learning

Self-Isolation Tasks
Year 1

We have attached the 100 HFW list of words your child is expected to know how to spell by the end of Year 1. Choose some of these words and practise them.

There are also some spelling games you can have a go at:

Number skills
please practise your recording of your numbers – can you go as high as 100?

Please practise your counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!

You may want to practise your number bonds (all the different ways we can make 10 or 20).

Here are some games you might want to use:

Please spend at least 30 minutes reading your book. You can use a book from home or your Rising Stars book.
You might want to ask some of these questions after reading to help with your child’s understanding and enjoyment!

You might want to spend some times practising your handwriting. Please practise letter formation. You might want to go onto capital letters when your child is confident.

We are including a list of additional tasks that you may like to have a go at which will support the Topics we are covering in class.
You can also have a go at a range of activities online on PurpleMash:

Thanks! We hope these help J

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