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For the main English resources, please see here.


Reading Challenges


Rising Stars

You may remember at the start of the year we set you up and sent out individual logins for Rising Stars where you can access books and then complete the quiz at the end.

Rising Stars have been amazing and have now made every book avaliable to each and every one of you!!

So if you are bored of what you have at home/do not actually have many books, simply just log on and away you go =] 


If you cannot remember you logins, please email the class emails and we will get back to you ASAP


Copy and Paste this link into your search bar to access the website


Happy Reading =]

Guided Reading

For Guided Reading you may be asked to come to this section and complete one of the comprehensions or anything else we have set.



Please see below the main spelling resources


Click the tree for many different woodlands ideas.

You can choose which ever one you fancy =]


Mindfulness Colouring

Click the Rainbow for a variety of resources =] 

Keep Calm and Colour


Click on the pencil to see a number of different resources you could use for extra handwriting work


Alternatively, is to Google 'improve fine motor skills'

There are many different activities you can try

For example,

- using tweezers or chopsticks to move small objects around (rice)

- draw a jagged line across paper to then cut along that line (start with a thick line and get smaller)

- download apps onto you phone/tablet


Below are the documents required for computing for the duration of lockdown.

It is all on PurpleMash (if you do not have these, please contact us!)


As we have all learnt from our computing lessons so far

Read each step carefully!



Click on the link to view the lessons from our Online Lesson Platform in which we follow for our P.E. lessons

Other Bits and Bobs
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