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Remote Learning in Year 4

Please click the computer to find your daily online learning!

Hi Year 4


We hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and are doing okay. We know this is a weird situation we find ourselves in again. We're sad we're not with you all in school right now and we miss you all already.


First off we just wanted to say you are all amazing!


Next if you are at home and have access to the internet there will be daily work for you to do online. There is a timetable - please follow it as much as possible and try to do just as much as you would do if you were actually in school.

Please get in touch everyday to let us know what you've been up to. If you find anything tricky, need a little extra help or want some more activities to do let us know and we can help. 


You can email any of the Year 4 teachers on PurpleMash or you email Opal at: and Coral at:

Remember if you want to talk to your friends you can email anyone in Year 4 using 2email too. 


One teacher and TA will be in school everyday teaching our key worker children, whilst the other teacher and TA will be monitoring the class emails and organising the remote learning work. We will alternate weekly so you will all get a chance to talk to your normal teacher. 


We can't wait to hear from you all!

This page is focused on what to do if you are not able to come into school. We don't want you to miss out so we have included some tasks to help you. 

If you would like anything additional please let your teacher know or email

We would love to see your work so you can also email your teacher using 2email on PurpleMash


Skills Tasks - these should be used if you are just off for a few days if you are awaiting test results.

If you are self-isolating for up to 14 days please follow the lessons that we are completing in class. There is a description of the task that should be completed and links to help with ideas below.

Here are some websites we suggest you use to find tasks to help with home learning. 



If you are having to isolate, please can you send your teacher an email with the work you complete each day. Your teacher will check these accounts and will respond to any work sent. 


If you are in Coral class please email:

If you are in Opal class please email:


These email addresses are only to be used to send your teacher any work that has been completed or any queries you have with work if you are self-isolating. 

If you or anyone at home has any other questions, please contact:


Thanks :)

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