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Rock Challenge

Rock Challenger 2017

When we got to Stevenage, we were all exited, we took our seats and the crew went through safety checks like bare feet on stage, no chewing or bubble gum and no running around the auditorium whilst people don’t have their seats.


We went into our dressing room, the Years 3 & 4 and Year 5’s got their hair and makeup done by the amazing Mrs Smyth and Mrs Orton whilst Year 6’s were practising.

We saw some of the other schools rehearsals. We saw St. Pauls and Maples. We then had lunch!! Yummy!


Then was the best part we had the Air guitar competition. All the teachers go onstage and danced their way to win the air guitar! Sadly Cowley hill won.


Daisie was our main character she was a troll to make her hair look like Poppy she had a balloon in her hair. We finaly did our everning performance ending the show. For all the year 6’s we hope you enjoyed your last priamry Rock Challenge!


by Alice

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