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Remote Learning

You will find all the lessons you need for remote learning in the section below (click on the laptop icon, then select the relevant week and day), please send photos of your work or any questions to your class email address:

If you are self isolating, please send your work and any questions to our class emails:

Below you will find the weekly overview

This will explain what we will be teaching in each lesson during the dated week. 

If you are at home self isolating please look at this document to ensure that you are covering any work missed.

Please see the laptop icon at the top of this page for lockdown learning.

Below you will find a document entitled 'Self Isolation Skills' these are skills that you may wish to practise while self isolating.


Below are the common exception words that children should know by the end of Year 2.

If you are self isolating please spend some time looking at these words and choosing some to practise for your spelling work.  Put your chosen words into sentences, try 'look, cover, write, check' and see how many you can remember and spell correctly.

Below are some suggested 'home learning opportunities' linked to our Spring topic and science units.

If you are self isolating you could have a go at some of these activities. 

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