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Good Morning/Afternoon Year 3!

Today we are going to try to use some of the descriptive devices we learnt about/reviewed in yesterday's session.

If you can, have another listen to the story (You Tube link in the Monday folder) to remind yourself of the story.  What is happening in the picture below?  What part of the story is it? 

Think about/ discuss: What can you see in the picture below? What would you be able to hear? What would the air smell like just after the eruption? How might the ground feel?  You may have noticed that in today's session you are using your senses to describe.

(I don't think the people of Pompeii would have necessarily licked or eaten anything at this time so we can leave out taste!!)

Jot down some of your ideas as you go.  REMEMBER we are trying to be descriptive today.

Prepositions, adjectives, adverbs of time, the five senses.  Use the word bank to help you with this.

Activity: We are going to write a descriptive paragraph using the picture and story so far to help us.  You could imagine that you are one of the people in the picture and describe the scene.  

Chilli 1 - Write at least one sentence for each of the senses and include an emotions sentence.

Chilli 2 - Write a paragraph as one of the people in the picture.  Use the senses and emotions to describe the situation.

Chilli 3 - Write a detailed diary (at least 2 paragraphs) of one of the people in the pictures day.  You should include a paragraph linked to the picture and either a paragraph that describes before the eruption or one that describes after the picture when the eruption becomes more dangerous.


Read and check through your work.  Do you have capital letters for the start of all sentences? Have you written in clear sentences - remember only one conjunction per sentence to join ideas.  A clear line between your paragraphs.


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