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Helping Hands


We've been thinking about both Christianity and Islam and how both faiths have a focus on helping other people - either love your neighbour or the Zakat pillar in Islam.


Look at your hands. Move them around. How do they move? What can they do? How do they help you?


We use our hands everyday to do so many things. For example; bursting teeth, drinking, putting on clothes... Can you think of any more? Act out the actions to remind yourself!


Using our hands makes certain things easier to do. But sometimes we need help with things, perhaps if we’ve hurt our hands or we find some things still a bit tricky to do yet. Things like... buttons, fastening shoes or laces, opening things... How does it feel when we find something tricky to do?

Teachers and mums and dads and older brothers and sisters can use their hands to help us do these things. Our hands are very clever; they can help other people too. How does it feel when we are helped to do something? 

What types of things we can do to help others in the classroom or at home?


Watch this clip here to understand more about charity work within the Muslim community.


Obviously, no one would expect children to give more for charity, but I'd like to know, written in your book, how would you help others and be charitable? During lockdown, for example, I have been helping my mum and dad by dropping food off for them when I have been shopping. 


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