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Spelling: It’s creative Thursday! Today you need to create a poster to help you learn each of the homophone words below. Try to use a picture that links to the words to help you remember which is witch!  (See what I did there!) laugh
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

English - Day 4

Learning Focus: To identify the emotions and actions of the characters.

Before reading today, talk to someone in your house (if you can) about what has happened so far in the story or you can have a think on your own.  What do you think of Dick Whittington? Do you like him as a character?  What do you think might happen next?

Read: Chapter 6 and 7.

Respond: Answer the questions below in clear sentences.  When you are asked to explain your answer, please use examples from the text where you can.

1) What calls Dick Whittington back to London? Pg44/45

2) What makes him realise he shouldn't give up on his dream? Pg45

3) How do we know that he is worried about Puss? Explain your answer with clear examples. Pg47-49

4) Why do Dick Whittington's 'hands clench into fists'? Explain your answer with clear reasons. Pg50/51

5) What does it mean when it says Puss became 'plump' on board? Explain how you know. Pg53

6) How do you think he feels when he realises the captain didn't sell Puss? Pg54/55


Reflect: Dick Whittington is a very resilient and caring character.  We know this because he keeps trying to reach his goal of becoming a 'fine gentleman' even when things are difficult and he looks after Puss very well.  Think about a time when you found something tricky or had a goal you wanted to achieve.  e.g. when you learnt how to ride a bike, drawing the perfect picture, putting together a lego model, learning something new, getting a badge at swimming/cubs/brownies/gymnastics etc.

Write about what you did to be resilient so you could reach your goal.  What did you do? Who helped you? How did you feel when you finally achieved it?  Write a short paragraph about this in clear sentences and then draw a picture of your goal.

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