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Take a couple of minutes to relax, breath and stretch.


Learning Focus - to plan and organise ideas.


You should now have all that you need to plan out your 'Volcano' artwork.  Refresh you memory by looking at the work from this week. 

  • Look at how other artists have portrayed volcanoes.  This is just for ideas - try not to copy. (Monday)
  • Look at the poster you created and the words you used to describe the volcanoes. (Tuesday)
  • Re-watch some of the volcano video clips to remind yourself about what a 'real' volcano looks like.  (Tuesday)
  • Look at your tester sketch book page - which methods of using your media did you prefer? (Wednesday)


Draw a rough sketch of your volcano artwork (this is just a practise - not the real thing so it can be small if you like!!).  What are you going to focus on?  Will it just be the volcano erupting or could you do the lava moving, falling into the sea, smoke before the lava?  

Plan out what colours you will use - you could put a code onto the sketch so you can use it to help you.  You could test out some of your techniques to see if they work - remember it is OK if you don't like them and decide not to use them.  Make notes if you like to identify what worked and what didn't.  You might even draw a few rough sketches of your volcano to see which one you like best.

Some Ideas! Test, draw, make notes

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