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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - PERSEVERANCE



Take a couple of minutes to relax, breath and stretch.

French - Lesson 4

Focus - To recall animal vocabulary in French.

Today you will look at different videos and games to learn how to say your animals in French.

When you are feeling confident - choose 1 or 2 of the activities below to complete.

Look at this website - it will teach you all about animals- there is a short lesson with different activities, games and then a short test to see what you can remember at the end.

Key Questions/responses to try out!

Tu as un animal? (Do you have an animal?)

Oui, ju suis un ... (add French animal name)
Yes, I have one ( add in any number you like here!)


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