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Maths - Day 4

Learning Focus - To measure perimeter.


Today's lesson is about using your measuring skills to work out the perimeter of different shapes. 

I know for some of you, you may not have a ruler at home. I only discovered one by chance in my house! If you don't have a ruler, you can still watch today's lesson videos and complete today's activity but use the first sheet on the PDF below to continue practising your calculating perimeter skills you have already learnt this week.


Printed sheet - measure and calculate the perimeter.

No printer: 
a: draw some of your own squares and rectangles.
b: ask an adult to draw some shapes for you to measure.
c: use an online tool - some ipads have rulers you can use to measure.

No ruler/printer - complete sheet 1 of the pdf and practice calculating the perimeter like you did yesterday.

Lesson Video

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Activity Video

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