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Maths - Planning a party.

Focus: To multiply numbers.


Today is all about the party bags!! You will have 25 guest and they will all need a party bag.  

You must put at least 5 items in your bag and it must be the same for everyone!  You are not allowed to use the 'pre' packed bags but you can buy multi packs.  You need to choose 5 items from the selection linked to your theme and then work out the cost.  Create a table of information like the one below.  Remember you will need to work out the TOTAL cost too and add it to your budget sheet for the week.  HINT: buy multi packs where you can as they are often cheaper!  Use this link - it will take you to their party bag fillers.


Item              Cost per pack Number of packs Total cost
Item 1      
Item 2      
Item 3      
Item 4    


Item 5      
Party bags      


The daily lesson below might come in handy to remind you about how to multiply.  


TOP TIP: When you are multiplying money, make sure you lay it out clearly with the decimal points all lined up.  Remember to put the decimal point in your answer too.

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