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Good morning


Today you will be learning








We are revisiting the phase 3 sounds this week so continuing to practise reading and writing these. Today the sound we will be looking at is: oa


Start your phonics session by watching Geraldine the Giraffe here is the link:


Once you have watched the video see if you can think of some words that have the oa sound in them e.g. boat, goat.

Then write a caption using one of the words they have written, e.g: The goat is on the farm.




  • Talk about pirate treasure maps and what you might see on a map.
  • Make a map for buried treasure, you could also tea stain it to make it look authentic.
  • Your child can then write labels on the map for different parts. e.g. sand, tree, chest.



  • Remind children of previous learning – ‘half as many’, you might want to use objects to show this.
  • Use the ‘pirates halving’ power point below and equally share the coins between each of the pirates.
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