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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. 'Value of the Month - 'CO-OPERATION'



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Holes - Chapter 3 part 1 read aloud

Reading Activities

Spelling - complete the purple mash 2do activities linked to the 3/4 spelling list words. 



For PE today, we thought it would be nice to complete a cosmic yoga session. The one recommended is around 30mins but feel free to choose one of your own.



Read through the slides on the PDF. The final slide tells you what you need to do for your task. 


Don't open the completed storyboard until you are finished unless you get REALLY stuck!



We are continuing our unit about what we do at the weekend. You can look at the slides in the PDF below with the French and the English translation. You can then listen to the French pronunciations in the first video.

Once you have gone through the vocabulary, you can complete the listening exercise in the second video and then choose ONE of the sheets to complete. Try not to look at the slides too much while completing your worksheets to see how much you can remember.

You can mark your work using the Listening Exercise Answers pdf and the lesson slides.


French pronunciations

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Watch this video to hear the correct pronunciation.

Listening exercise

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Listen to this video and match what they say to the correct picture. You can write this down in your lined book. Remember you can listen more than once if you need to.


For you Music lesson, I have set you a '2 do' on purple mash. I would like you to watch the Help video before you start (It is next to the big exit arrow). This will show you how you can use the program. 


This week, I am giving you freedom to explore what you can do with the program. You can compose a completely free tune. In future weeks, I will then be setting you tasks using the program to see what different ideas you can come up with.


I will look at your work and leave you comments on purple mash.

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