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Activities for Thursday 7th January


LO: To sequence events.

Success Criteria:

  • Refer to text evidence
  • Answer questions who, what, when, where
  • Pick out main events when there is competing information.

Read the opening sentence. – What do you know about the story?


Read and discuss chapters 1 and 2





Sequence story so far on a storyboard adding what might happen next


Write a bullet pointed list of what has happened so far including your story predictions.

For this you can either click on the link

‘Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo’


This is located below for today, but for the rest of the time you need to access the book through the link on the main Remote Learning page or I have set it as a 2Do on PurpleMash (file is too big for our website)





Grab your books and read for 20mins in which ever spot you would like

Last Lockdown we had some fantastic locations



To recognise equivalent fractions!

Remember to look at the relationship between the numerators of fractions along with the denominators.


Go screens to direct you through the process. Any queries please email us.



Write out each of these words so that you complete 2 lines in your book/paper.

Joined up handwriting

Take your time and concentrate on how each letter is formed and connected.

  • accommodate
  • category
  • determined
  • forty
  • marvellous
  • programme
  • soldier



LO: To compare and group together everyday materials. (ORANGE, PURPLE)



Get somebody, if possible, to fill a bag full of items. Try to then identify them without looking at them. You need to touch them and describe what you are feeling to then get to an answer (EG – metal coin is smooth and cold - sponge is soft, rough and can be squeezed)

Why are things made of specific materials?

Come up with a list of ‘properties’ which items/materials can be made of (absorbency, hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity)


Test these materials and record them in a table

  • 2 different materials
  • 3 different materials
  • 5 different materials



Sketching lesson focusing on Hatching

The link below is is quite long but it is fantastic. The artist explains the reasons for certain directions


Either draw your own picture in this style or alternatively, use a picture you like and copy using Hatching


Success criteria:

To press lightly with the pencil

To use soft strokes

To use lines



Again, send us your work so we can see how you’re getting on :)

Have a fabulous day

~ Team Year 5 ~


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