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Activities for Thursday 21st January


LO: To use parenthesis.

Success Criteria:

( extra info )

Extra information inside brackets

Sentence must make sense without the brackets


Read chapter 8


Go through what is parenthesis

  • Watch BBC Bitesize video
  • Powerpoint – Parentheses
  • Parentheses Poster


Go through sentences adding in extra information using brackets

Parenthesis worksheet





Grab your books and read for 20mins in whichever spot you would like



Lo – to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator

Go through the screens – I have also uploaded a video of myself talking you through them

When the denominators are the same, all you need to do is add/subtract whatever the numerator is =]


Happy Fractions =]



Write out each of these words so that you complete 2 lines in your book/paper.

Joined up handwriting

Take your time and concentrate on how each letter is formed and connected.

  • aggressive
  • community
  • embarrass
  • harass
  • neighbour
  • recommend
  • symbol




This half term you will be studying the weather. (Quel temps fait-ii?)


Open up the 2 documents – Weather Song French, Weather song English.

They are the same song but ones translated. Compare and work out the translations


From this, you will be able to solve either these (up to you what one)

  • Task 1a – Weather Gap Fill
  • Task 1b – Work and Picture Matching

Afterwards Task 2 - Crossword

If you would like, you can log onto Language Angels and play this game:

  • Weather Picture Memory





Think about the Seasons of the year.

How does each season make you feel?

Can you put the feelings into a song/tune?


You are going to be using PurpleMash to complete a 2Do ‘2Sequence’


Using this you are going to create a piece of music that will represent each of the four seasons.

Think about:

  • What instruments will you use?
  • changes to the pitch
  • changes to the tone
  • changes in tempo
  • how do they portray each season?
  • volume
  • intensity




To know the important of a hero

Look at the LO and discuss what is a hero?


Google Define ‘hero’


Think back to last week and/or go through the PowerPoint of The Story of Moses.

  • Was he a hero?
  • Why was he a hero?


What qualities must heroes have?

Who would your hero be or is already?

  • Why are they your hero?
  • What qualities do they have to make them your hero?



Draw your hero

  • Around the outside, record the qualities and characteristics they have.



~ Team Year 5 ~



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