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Activities for Thursday 28th January


Fantastic job on the previous Unit all about Kensuke’s Kingdom!

Hope you all enjoyed reading/listening to the story and dissecting parts of the story for your own learning. You have to practice and then use many skills!


Its new unit time – Persuasive Writing


LO: To identify persuasive writing in adverts.


Success Criteria:

Explain what persuade/persuasive means

Discuss what persuasive means

Why might you try to persuade someone? When have you had to be persuasive in your life?


Look at advert – Snack Bar

What makes these persuasive?

1. Purpose - what is the advert trying to do?

2. Audience - who is the advert aimed at?

3. Language - what types of vocabulary are being used?

4. Layout - what does the page look like? Colours used? 



Look at a range of adverts.


Answer the questions

(see the task screen)

Order them from most persuasive to least persuasive. Why have you put them in this order?





Grab your books and read for 20mins in whichever spot you would like

Last Lockdown we had some fantastic locations



Congratulations – you have all completed another unit of Fraction work

Now onto the next one J


Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers

Today you will be looking at making sure the answers are <1 (less than 1)

Follow the screens and the video on at the bottom!

Hope it clears up queries J



Write out each of these words so that you complete 2 lines in your book/paper.

Joined up handwriting

Take your time and concentrate on how each letter is formed and connected.

  • apparent
  • conscious
  • equipped
  • immediate
  • occur
  • rhyme
  • thorough




This half term you will be studying the weather. (Quel temps fait-ii?)

Open the document ‘Passage’ – and read it/familiarise

Next, open the document ‘Questions’ answer them and check

Extension: translate the work into English


Language Angels – Weather: What is missing?



Vivaldi’s Spring PowerPoint

Listen to his music and draw a picture of what that music is putting gin your head.



To understand Prayer

What is Prayer?

Look at Lesson 4 Pic 2 – what are they doing?


  • Go through the ‘Lesson 4 PowerPoint Prayer’
  • Look at ‘Lesson 4 Prayer Fact Sheet’
    • What do they all have in common?
    • Does each religion have 1 god?
    • Is religion worldwide?



Use ‘Lesson 4 My Prayer’ and write down your own prayer


Pick a child from the image of the Rwandan children, and write a prayer on their behalf.



~ Team Year 5 ~



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