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Expressing missing numbers algebraically:


In this lesson we will be finding the unknown values in algebraic expressions.

English Lesson Video

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Useful 'crime' related vocabulary:

thief, criminal, defendant, witness/witnesses, defendant, hero, villain, testify, evidence, trial, court, judge, Clyde ‘Sweet Feet’ Livingstone, Stanley Yelnats, guilty, sentence (as in he was sentenced to 18 months at Camp Green Lake), despicable.


Create a poster to advertise your favourite book.  This could be a book from when you are younger or one you have just finished reading. 

You could include:

  • the book front page,
  • pictures of the main characters,
  • hints to describe the events in the story, 
  • star rating,
  • a recommendation.  

Use your imagination! Be creative! 




On Thursday's we take some time to stretch, reflect on our week and breathe! The best way to do this is yoga. Use this time to listen to the story Moana and be transported along her adventure whilst stretching out those muscles.



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When completing the worksheets, write your sentences in FRENCH.


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Remember - Music is around 30 minutes. Once you have watched the video, you have plenty of time to play around and experiment before you save your song. You don't have to save the first thing you come up with if you think you can improve it.
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