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Daily Timetable.

Remember to watch any lesson videos etc before completing the activities on the website or on Purple Mash.



30 min


45 – 60 min


30 min


45 – 60 min

Music or French

45 – 60 min


45 – 60 min

English Lesson

L.O: To use inference to show understanding of the text:

Today, there is a lot to listen to (read by someone else for a change!).  Without giving away any spoilers, you need to listen carefully as you will find out some key pieces of information in these chapters which are essential to your understanding of the story.  

Along with your work for today, email your teacher with the main character focus that runs through all of these chapters.

Activity: To answer the questions below - one for each chapter.  Answer in full sentences and use evidence from the text to explain your answers.  If you can, try to discuss your ideas about these chapters and questions with someone.

Chapter 20

• The Warden does not raise her voice, and she usually speaks in seemingly polite phrases. What makes her so menacing?

Chapter 21

• Why do you think Zero finishes Stanley’s hole for him?  

Chapter 22

• Does Stanley seem like a good teacher?  What evidence is there to back up your ideas?

Chapter 23

• Does the portrait the author paints of Green Lake seem realistic? Can you point to any details that strike you as too good to be true?

Guided Reading

Today you will finally be introduced to the three sisters in the story.  You have a Purple Mash 2do (Pinch of Magic - Day 4) which has the text for you to read through (or you can listen by pressing the sound button in the Purple Mash activity) you need to text mark/underline examples of description for each of the sisters and then justify your own views about which of the girls you like/dislike.

Offline worksheet.



Follow the link for today's maths lesson. We will be looking at problem solving using area and perimeter. 

Maths Problem Solving Worksheet



On Thursday's we take some time to stretch, reflect on our week and breathe! The best way to do this is yoga. Use this time to listen to some Minecraft yoga and be transported along the adventure whilst stretching out those muscles.



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