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Feeling Good Week - Please take a look at the Thursday activity in the 'Feeling Good' Flower below the week day pages for this week. 

English Lesson

L.O - To make comparisons. 

Now that we have finished the book ‘Holes’, we are going to spend the next two lessons watching the film adaptation.  (It is just short of 2 hours) You can choose if you watch the whole thing in one go or watch an hour each day which is what we would be doing at school. 


Note to parents: This film is PG.  Mrs Spooner has watched the film on the link below to ensure it is suitable. Holes is also available on Disney + if you have a subscription. 


Whilst you watch think about:

What are the key similarities and differences between the book and the film?

How close does the film follow the book?

Which character does Louis Sachar (the author of Holes) play in the film?

Holes full movie

Guided Reading

Today is the final day we will be looking at the book Shoe Wars by Liz Pichon.  

The worksheet is below if you would prefer to work offline.  There is no quiz today but the text is read on Purple Mash.



For maths today and tomorrow, I am going to give you a bit of free rein. Treat these two lessons like a buffer zone. What part of fractions do you struggle with? I will recommend a lesson from bitesize to follow but you can choose one of the others if you are less secure in that area. These are all lessons we looked at in the Autumn term but with maths practicing regularly is important. 


I think you should revise:  

Equivalent fractionsSimplifying fractions


But you can also choose: 

Adding and Subtracting fractions

Finding fractions of amounts 

Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. 



On Thursday's we take some time to stretch, reflect on our week and breathe! The best way to do this is yoga. Use this time to listen to some Wizard of Oz yoga and be transported along the adventure whilst stretching out those muscles.



I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash. This week we are using Busy Beats instead of 2 sequence. You can watch the video I have attached in Purple Mash.

Have a lovely half term break!

From Mrs Huscroft

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