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Please make sure that you read every day to an adult and discuss the text.

You could read anything from your house - books, comics, cereal packets, tv subtitles.

Don't forget that you have access to Rising Stars reading planet where you will find the same books that we normally send home (this will be another way for us to know that you are engaging with school work).  If you have forgotten your log in details then please do get in touch.

Oxford Owls is another great website with a wide range of books at different levels 

You could also have a go at the reading challenges we posted here:  - can you tick them all off by the time we return to school?



Look through the phonics sheet.  

Activity 1 - sorting

Sort the words into the correct column according to the way the grapheme 'ie' is pronounced.  Say each word out loud to help you.

Activity 2 - reading

Read the sentence out loud - identify the 'ie' word and which column you would sort it into.  Remember to break longer words into smaller more manageable chunks to help you sound them out if they are a bit tricky.

Activity 3 - dictation writing

Ask someone in your house to say this sentence to you: Cows and sheep may graze in a meadow.  Write down the sentence using your phonics knowledge to help you.

You DO NOT need to print this sheet, you can complete your work on a whiteboard (just like we do in Phonics lessons) or into your book.


Listen to us reading through the slides here:

This week we are continuing our learning using the story 'Traction Man'.  

Today you will be writing the first part of your own story (please stop writing once you have completed the opening and build up as you will be completing your story tomorrow).

Remember to look back at your plan to help you to write your story.  

Try to use all of the things we have been learning how to do, using expanded noun phrases, different sentence types, conjunctions and commas in a list.

You should use the story of Traction Man as ideas for your own story about a hero who saves the day. 

Read through the PDF and think carefully about the questions you are asked, then write your story straight onto your paper.  


REMEMBER :  Presentation.  Handwriting.  Capital letters.  Full stops.


Listen to us reading through the slides here:

Today we are continuing to learn about adding using more formal written methods.

Today we are adding two, 2-digit numbers using the expanded column method.

I have created a video to demonstrate the method to you which can be watched here:

Look through the PDF document.  Your activity is included within the slides - make sure you show your working out.


For PE today we would like you to choose 1 of the challenges to complete (see the PE challenge sheet below).  Please pick a different challenge to the one you chose last week.

We would love to see photos (or even videos) of you completing your challenge so please do send them over to us.

Have fun!


This half term we will be working on the topic 'Relationships'.

Today we are thinking about how our behaviour can affect those around us.

Look through the PDF where you will find all of your instructions and activity.

You might want to Zoom / facetime a friend from your class to complete this lesson together.  


Storytime with Mrs Ewer 

Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges and Al Murphy

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