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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'


Good morning boys and girls,
You have been keeping yourselves very busy in the last few days completing all your school work and more. I do hope you are taking some time to give your adults time for a cup of tea 😉


Today’s plan is as follows:

Phonics: play the Dragons den game as a starter. The children in class will look at phase 4 but it is up to you which Phase or level you will explore. Have fun, it is all about the dragons 🤩
Have a go using some of the real words in a sentence. Children in the class used the objects and the post-it notes from the previous lessons. They will have a go making the words/blending them. Try at home and see what you can use 🤔


Literacy: yesterday in the lesson we talked about different people we could ask for help with finding our dragon. We decided that we will write a letter to Her Majesty The Queen and see if she will be able to help. How would you start your letter? Try to use your phonics knowledge and write how you would address Her Majesty.


Maths: we will continue to look at the length of different objects and measuring it using the cubes. Watch the video of Miss Edmonds doing it on the screen and have a go at home using the worksheets attached or any objects. You have been amazing so far using your own imagination. Just remember to use the same things to measure all objects.


EAD: fire breathing dragons
You will need: a loo roll, pencils/felt tips to colour it in or tissue paper to stick on, glue, pom-poms, crepe paper for fire, scissors and lots of imagination 🤩


Can’t wait to see more photos, videos, etc. Have a fantastic day everyone 😃
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