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See the World Book Day page on the website for ideas for how you can celebrate World Book Day at home. You also might like to have a go at the activities below. Remember to send us photos of what you're getting up to!


Look through the phonics sheet.  

Activity 1 - sorting

Sort the words into the correct column according to the way the grapheme 'ey' is pronounced.  Say each word out loud to help you.

Activity 2 – Play ‘3 right answers’

Read the question and all the possible answers using your phonics to sound out any tricky words.  Then, select the correct answer.  Remember to break longer words into smaller more manageable chunks to help you sound them out if they are a bit tricky.

Activity 3 - dictation writing

Ask someone in your house to say this sentence to you: They put the money into the piggy bank.  Write down the sentence using your phonics knowledge to help you.

You DO NOT need to print this sheet, you can complete your work on a whiteboard (just like we do in Phonics lessons) or into your book.


Today we are continuing our learning about doubles and halves.

Today we are going to halve a 2-digit number.

You can listen to me reading the slides out loud if you find this easier than reading yourself:


Look through the PDF document.  Your activity is included within the slides.


For PE today we would like you to log in to the class RealPE account.

Real PE at home – Visit the space theme and with an adult play the game Home Planet. Show how helpful you are by setting up the activity and helping and encouraging your partner when you play. Explore the other Space Games to see which you like best.


This half term we will continue working on the topic 'Relationships'.

Today we are thinking about bullying.

Look through the PDF and then the Powerpoint, your activity is to discuss each scenario with a member of your family, or you could contact a friend and complete the activity together.

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