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Activities for Thursday

LO: To use conjunctions to add extra information


Today, you are going to be focusing on fronted adverbials and conjunctions.


What are they? Why do we use them? Why are they ideal for explanation texts?


A reminder that fronted adverbials are phrases that go at the start of a sentence and tells us when, where or how something happened.


As the clock struck 12,

In the deserted forest,



They need to have a comma after them.


A conjunction is a word that joins two sentences together.

E.g. and, because, while, even though, however, although, but, if, so.


Dudley understood how everything worked even though he was only a dog.


Write an imaginative description of how bubbles get into fizzy drinks


For Example this is a fictional explanation of how a TV works


First, when you want to watch TV you need to press the ‘on’ button on the control until it glows red. Immediately, this then sends a magical message to the TV where a team of TV sprites spring into action while you select a channel. Then, they suck images from around the world into a powerful tube where they then work their way through a compressor. At this point, the compressor makes all the images smaller so that they can be projected on to the screen.


And so on =] ,


Choose 10 words from the 3/4 word list and use them in a sentence. If you want to do a little extra you might want to do some rainbow writing, pyramid spelling, an acrostic poem or a nonsense story. 


It's Thursday so that means it's time to DEAR - drop everything and read! You should, at some point during the day, drop whatever it is you're doing, get comfy and read for 20 minutes.
If you end up somewhere good send us a pic – we’d love to see what you’ve been reading!


In Maths you are going to be doing some problem solving using decimals. You will need to think about how you problem solve. Read through the two circle problems carefully, trial and error will be very important and having a go.

If you would like an extension there is an additional money problem for you to work through.


If you want to practise your times tables why not have a go at TTRS or one of these games: 


We are going to be doing a project this half term to find out about famous mountaineers for our HISTORY topic.

What is a mountaineer? Why do you think some of them have become famous?

I am going to provide you with a list of mountaineers and I’d like you to choose one of them to research and find out more about. Over the half term you are going to build up enough information to be able to teach someone else about your chosen person. I have included some resources to get you started.


You need to focus your fact finding this week on


  • Where your person lived/was born
  • How old are they/are they still alive
  • What mountain in particular they were famous for
  • What they achieved


What is a primary source?
Primary Sources are immediate, first-hand accounts of a topic, from people who had a direct connection with what you are researching.

What is a secondary source?
Secondary sources provide second-hand information and commentary from other researchers. Examples include journal articles, reviews, and academic books


Here are your list of Mountaineers:


Edmund Hilary

Tenzing Norgay

Reinhold Messner

Apa Sherpa

Edurne Pasaban

Wanda Rutkiewicz

Junko Tabei

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner


For Art we are going to carry on completing our work looking at different artists and the style they used. This week we will be looking at Akira Yoshizawa and origami I would like you to read through to learn about where origami came from. I would then like you to have a go at creating some origami yourself I have included some instructions you can follow.    


If you feel like you’re missing your friends – why not send them an email?
On PurpleMash you can use: to send messages to anyone in Year 4.


Please remember to send us any work you complete at some point during the day on either PurpleMash or through to either or


We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Team Year 4!


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