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Thursday 7th

Hello everyone, hope your child has enjoyed their first day of home learning.

Home Learning Pack

We have put together a little pack for every child. It contains a blue plain notebook, a name writing practice with whiteboard pen and an initial sound poster.
The name initial sound poster. I thought they could put in their room once they have decorated it.
We have put the name practice in a plastic wallet so the children can use a whiteboard pen (supplied) to keep practising. They can rub it off and have another go.

They are ready to collect from the main office.


Hello from Mrs Parsons

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Phonics - Body Parts game

  • Three sets of cards – Action words, tempo words and dynamic words
  • Introduce one set at a time. 
  • Introduce your child to the three sets of words and tell them that they are going to take turns to choose one of the card from each set.
  • Child to have a go at doing the movements and following the cards instructions. 
  • This could lead onto your child becoming 'teacher' and teaching siblings, grown ups, cuddly toys how to use play it.  
  • The resource for this is at the bottom of the page.  You may wish to just write out the words on paper.  

Phonics - Action words game

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Let's carry on our learning all about counting.  Can you help Mrs Swaine count the things in her house?  

Can you have a go at counting things in your house?  

Remember slow and steady! 

Maths Video 1

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Maths Video 2.MOV

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Maths Video 3.MOV

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Maths Video 4.MOV

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Could you have a go at building a tower?  How tall can you make it? Can you make it really interesting?  What shapes can you use?  

When you go on your daily walk, can you have a go at jumping really high/ low?  Can you run and then stop quickly? Using the same vocabulary as the phonics activity.

Documents for today

Documents for today - Extra Activities

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