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Today we will be comparing Tocuaro and Hemel Hempstead.


Show children different pictures of physical (mountain, lakes) and human (buildings, vehicles) features of Tocuaro (Mexico) and Hemel Hempstead (England).

Example questions to ask children:

  • Ask them what do they notice?
  • Is Hemel Hempstead a small village?
  • Do you notice anything different in our houses to houses in Tocuaro?
  • Do you notice the difference in transport – Tocuaro- travel on donkeys and horses and fewer cars.   Similarities - cars
  • What crops are grown in Hemel Hempstead (wheat) and Tocuaro(Corn)?

After going through the PPT use worksheet to write the similarities and differences. (Help children to read the words in the word bank and also please explain the meaning of the words if they do not know the meaning.)

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