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Computing – Staying Safe Online

Episode 1 – Watching Videos

  • Today it is important that we continue to think about how we stay safe online. 
  • At school, we talk to the children each time they access a device to ensure they remember how we stay safe online and what they need to do.  In Reception, the children learn that they need to get an adult, if they see anything online they are unsure about.    
  • After watching this video, please talk about why it is important to stay safe online and in particular watching videos.

Here are some suggested questions to ask your child once you have read the storybook together.

Asking questions can help you check their understanding and start a conversation about their safety online.


 1. How did Jessie feel when she watched ‘The Funny Tummy Song’ video?

2. How did Jessie feel when she watched ‘The Happy Croccy’ video?

3. What did Jessie do that made her feel better?

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