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Good morning


Today you will be learning








Today's sound is 'ch'. 

Start your phonics session by watching Miss Edmonds' video on Youtube and play a game of dragons den from phonics play. Here is the link

Then have a go at thinking of some different real words that have the ch sound in and have a go at writing them, here are a few examples: church, chips, glich. 

Then choose one of those words to add into a caption, for example: They are going to church. 




As you know from yesterday our topic this week is pirates. Discuss with your child about the book we read/watched yesterday, what can your child recall of the story? Discuss the characters with your child- what were they wearing? Is it normal to wear pants on your head? What do they look like? What could they do? What pants are your child's favourite?

- For the literacy task your child can design their own pants - you might want your child to have a go at drawing their own or you can do it for them. We have attached a proforma at the bottom if you choose to print it.

Later in the week your child will be writing about their pants design. 



Our topic this week is doubling.

To begin with ask your child if they have heard the word double or doubling before, what do you think it means?

Then watch Miss Edmonds' Youtube video on doubling (ignore the first part about Mrs Turner). Here is the link:

Play the double finger game and then make your own butterfly doubling picture.



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