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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - PERSEVERANCE


Our focus for today's session will be to plan out the stories you will write Wed-Fri.

I have attached the planning sheet below - you can print this off or you can write this out into your workbooks.  Make it as detailed as possible so that it helps you to think through your story.  You should only write in NOTE form, you should not be writing in sentences or writing out your story.


You will need to use the character you choose yesterday as the main character in your story.  It shouldn't be Tranio as the original story is written from his point of view already.  You could choose Livia, Dion etc.  


Opening - All needs to be calm.  What might your character be doing? Where are they - remember that Dion might be in the theatre rehearsing whilst Livia could be helping at the bakery.  How will you describe the scene?  Add some descriptive words to your planner so that you can use them in your writing tomorrow.

Middle - The eruption begins.  How are your characters feeling?  What do they do?  What can they see/hear/smell (you can use your description using the senses from last week - there might even be some good sentences you could magpie for your story!! Highlight or underline any you might want to use.  What is happening? e.g. people running, buildings cracking/falling apart.

Ending - Your character should escape (The title is Escape from Pompeii).  This last section should reflect on what has happened.  Who did you leave behind?  What can you see as you leave on the ship?  Think about words to describe the emotions and what your character can see.

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