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This is a super easy cut and stick for Chilli1. If you can't download it and would like to do it, send us an email and we will send it to you.

Chilli challenge 1


Take a piece of paper and cut it up in to as many different squares as you like.


On one square write one number (maybe 100) and on another, write half of that number (50). Keep doing this with different numbers until all of your squares are full.


Some numbers you could use are:


90 and 45

88 and 44

70 and 35


When you have done this, put all of the cards upside down on your table or work surface. With a partner, turn over the cards, two at a time, to try and find a pair. Whoever finds the most pairs, wins!


Chilli challenge 2


Extra challenge



Multiplication and Division Unit 1  

Problem solving and reasoning questions 


Write two sentences to relate these three numbers:  37, 74 and 148.

Use a jotting to double these numbers:

(a) 216

(b) 327

(c) 438


Can you describe a pattern in the answers?

We know double 30 is 60 and double 8 is 16. 

So what is half of 76?  


Explain in a sentence why a jotting is helpful when we find half of 318.

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