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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - PERSEVERANCE


Spelling: today we are going to look at some more homophones.  We will focus on where, wear, were and we’re.
Activity: Complete the activity below.  Write out the sentence only using the correct homophone to complete the sentences.  
Challenge yourself to write your own sentences using these homophones.  Can you use all three in one sentence? 

Homophone Activity

English – Day 2

Today we will continue with our reading of the book Dick Whittington.  Please use the reading owls link below to access the story. 

Read/Listen to Chapter 2 (Pg13 – 21) Talk with someone in your house or think about what has happened in this chapter.  Maybe jot down some of the main events.

Now, Read/Listen to Chapter 3 – this is the section we will be focusing on.


Respond: Now that you have read the text, answer the questions below.  Please try to write in sentences and as with yesterday, if you put the question in the answer then it will save you writing them out!

  1. How do you know the Grand Gentleman is kind? Pg23
  2. What did he get given to eat? Pg24
  3. What was Puss good at? Pg25/6
  4. What jobs did Dick Whittigton do? Pg28
  5. What does he dream of doing? Pg29/30

Reflect: Although Dick Whittington is grateful of the job the Grand Gentleman has given him, he has big dreams.  Draw a poster of you doing your ‘dream’ job. What is your dream job? What would your uniform look like if you had one? What might you need to complete your job? What are the best things about having that job?

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