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Take a couple of minutes to relax, breath and stretch.

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Learning Focus: to use natural events to inspire our own artwork.

Yesterday we looked at the artwork of others and thought about our own likes and dislikes.  
Today, we are going to begin to think about ideas for our own artwork. We will use videos of actual eruptions and begin to record some ideas. 


The activity today is to think of how you might describe the sights, sounds, smells, emotions linked to an eruption.  (I am presuming that none of you have witnessed an actual eruption!)

Step 1 - get a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen ready to record your ideas. 
Step 2 - write a heading ‘VOLCANO’ in the centre of the page (you can use bubble writing and add some colour too!).

Step 3 - begin watching the video clips below.  Make sure you record any ideas AS YOU GO ALONG.  You can write descriptive words and short phrases around your heading.  Try to think about all the senses.  Write as many words/phrases as you can! At least 15-20 in total about all 4 clips.  

Take a look at the video clip below.  This is what the example is based on.  There is also a quick movie file which explains what I did. 


Stormy Seas

An Example!

Still image for this video
Here is the work example explained to help you with your work today.

An example!

River of Lava | Benedict Cumberbatch Narrates South Pacific | BBC Earth

In this must-see clip, a River of Lava originating from the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea snakes it's way over land before meeting the sea and exploding below the...

Volcanic Eruption - Stromboli

Etna Eruptions 2017 - Footage Recap

Yasur Volcano 2019 - Lava Explosions & Drone Descent Into Crater

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