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Spelling - Day 2

Learning Focus: To spell common homophones.

Let's carry on learning about homophones.  We will be learning lots of different ones this week.

Watch the BBC 'Homophones Sentence Show' clips.  They will introduce you to lots of different homophones.

Now watch the BBC Bitesize clip to remind you what a homophone is and complete the mini quiz.


Activity: Complete some of the homophone worksheets.  Look through and pick one to complete.

English- Day 2

Please watch the video below for your learning today.  We are working on how to identify the features of a play script today.  You will learn about how they are laid out.

Lesson Video

Still image for this video

Play script features explained!

Still image for this video

Activity: To annotate a play script example.  You will need to identify the different ‘features’ e.g. stage directions, characters etc. There are 3 different levels to choose from.
1 ⭐️ - simple

2⭐️⭐️- medium

3⭐️⭐️⭐️- challenging 

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