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Maths Starter!

Good Morning - Get your brains in gear by playing a game! Each game lets you pick the level and focus so you could pick multiplication or addition etc.  Try to pick something that will challenge you a little!


Maths - Day 2

Learning Focus: To estimate and measure capacity.

Today you will be learning about capacity.  Capacity is the measure of how much liquid a container can hold.  Take a look at the poster below to show you the conversions and the website which will show you how to read a simple scale.

BBC clip - how to read scales.

You can watch the video tutorial too which shows you how to complete the sheet.

Reading Scales video

Still image for this video

Capacity Investigation:

Find 6 different containers - try to find a range of short, tall, shallow etc to use. Do this either outside or somewhere where it doesn’t matter if the water overflows.
1: Begin by putting the containers in order from smallest capacity to largest.  This is an estimate at this point!

2: Fill the smallest container with water.  
3: Now pour that water into the next smallest.

** If you are correct - the second container won’t be full up!
** If it overflows then you have them the wrong way round.

4: If you were correct - fill the second container up and then pour into the third.  (See step 3 for the check of if you were correct!)

4a: If you were wrong - swap the container 1 and 2 and then repeat step 3 to check.

Keep repeating this!
For the final check fill the largest container to the top and then pour the water into each container - each one should overflow if you are correct!  

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