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Spelling - Day 2

Learning Focus: To use the suffixes -ment, -ness and -ful.

Take a look at the spelling words for this week.  Which rule is applied to each word when you add the suffix?  

Write out the root word, the word with the suffix added and the rule you need to use e.g. take off the e then add the suffix.  See the pictures below to remind you!

English - Day 7

Learning Focus: To empathise with characters.


Listen to or read the story of 'The Adventures of the Dish and Spoon' again.  (Use the slide show/reading from the Monday star)

Before you listen pick either the Dish or the Spoon.  You will need to think about at least 4 questions you would like to ask the character.  Today you will be doing an 'at home' version of 'Hot Seating'.

When you have listened to the story, write down the questions you would like to ask the character.  (Don't forget your ? at the end!)

** Use the poster below to help you with question starters**

Activity:  Now you have your questions you can do this activity 2 different ways. 

If you are on your own - think about how you think the Spoon or Dish might answer the questions.  Write down their answers.  Remember you need to think about adding details (some may be made up and not in the story) emotions etc to your answers.  They should at least be 1 full sentence.

If you have an adult or sibling who will do this with you: Ask them to be the character and answer you questions.  You will need to write down their answers in clear sentences and as above add details and emotions.

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