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Tuesday 13/7/21

Happy Tuesday Year 4! (13/07/21)


I know that we were supposed to be on our trip to Cadbury World today so I'm very sorry that we're not there BUT I thought it would be fun to have a whole day focused on....CHOCOLATE!


Today we have a few activities that we'd like you to give a try:


1) Create your very own chocolate bar! Call yourself Mr Willy Wonka and design the most delicious chocolate bar in the world - think about where in the world you would get your ingredients and if they can be Fairtrade then that's even better! Draw a labelled diagram of the bar.


2) Write the recipe with full list of ingredients and step by step guide on how to make the chocolate bar.


3) See if you have any recycling in the house that you could use to create the packaging for your new product and give it a go!


4) Create an advert to sell your fabulous, brand new chocolate bar! This could be as a newspaper advert or film yourself for a TV advert.


I can't wait to see what you come up with today! Although I'll have to stop myself from eating all the chocolate...


Have a fabulous (chocolatey) day!


Mrs Brooks-Smith :)

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