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Tuesday 2nd

Today’s learning

  • Hello time and calendar 
  • Rhyme of the week 
  • Dough Disco 
  • Phonics - Initial sounds game with Mrs Parsons
  • PE - Down in the Jungle!  
  • Topic - Make a Pet shop (role play) with Mrs Swaine
  • Story time with Mrs Swaine

Hello time and calendar with Mrs Parsons

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Phonics with Mrs Parsons


So after reading our story yesterday of the Vet.  I thought we could play a game all about initial sounds.  So the initial sound is the first sound you hear in a word.  Sssss - snake.  

Can you play along with me?  Don't forget to pause the video.  

Initial sound game

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PE - Fun in the Jungle! 


Don't forget to use the login details from last week (reattached the letter) so you can access videos etc. 

Topic - Pet shop role play

Today for topic we are going to play pet shops!

You will need:

  • Animals,
  • Post-it notes,
  • Coins.


What you need to do:

  • Label each of your animals 1-10p.
  • Use your coins to buy your animals.


Have fun playing shops with your grown up!

Pet Shop

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Story time 

Story time with Mrs Swaine is “Clumsy Crab!”

Clumsy Crab!

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