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45 mins – 60 mins

Activities for Tuesday 12th January


LO: To develop descriptive writing


Success Criteria:

Powerful verbs

Expanded noun phrases

Write in full sentences



Listen to sounds of the jungle



Use magpie words and phrases from previous day to write a description of what can be heard in the jungle.

Write own jungle descriptions focusing on what you can hear

Editing – choose one person’s work to edit as a class



Guided Reading on the Remote Learning Homepage

The Story of Hercules


Ideally, use a dictionary but if you do not have one, use Google and ‘Define’ them.



To apply mixed number and improper fractions!

Remember the mathematical method of converting both types of fractions.

Follow the screens.

They are word problems, so read each question carefully, slowly and make logical steps. You have completed all of the skill required in the questions.

If it is too challenging, please complete the improper fraction worksheet instead =]



Write out each of these words so that you complete 2 lines in your book/paper.

Joined up handwriting

Take your time and concentrate on how each letter is formed and connected.

  • accompany
  • cemetery
  • develop
  • frequently
  • mischievous
  • pronunciation
  • stomach





LO: To plan different types of enquiry. (YELLOW)


Best material for mopping up water

Support and Challenge:

Mixed ability groupings

Teacher to support LA with making predictions and drawing conclusions

Success criteria:

Fair test

Draw conclusions

Make predictions

Plan an enquiry


Paint trays

Variety of materials – paper towels, kitchen roll, foil, cotton wool etc.

Measuring jug


Today’s lesson, you need to see what material would be best for mopping up water.

You need to make predictions as to what you think will be best and why.

Please try to use a variety of different types of materials for the investigation.




LO: To learn about a famous artist.


Research Georges Seurat  - PowerPoint

Look at a famous piece of artwork – as a class annotate his work – look at dots, colours, textures, shapes, shadows, light

  • pointillism (technique of applying dots)

divisionism/chromoluminarism (the separation of colours into dots or strokes or patches)

Success criteria:

To understand what divisionism is

To understand what pointillism is

To know who Georges Seurat is


Task – annotate the artwork by George Seurat. Look at the techniques he has used. Also, add information about his life.


~ Team Year 5 ~


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