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Activities for Tuesday 19th January


LO: To use speech punctuation.

Success Criteria:

Inverted commas

New line, new speaker

Reporting clause

Punctuation to close speech

Capital letter to begin speech

Read chapter 6


Look at how to punctuate speech:


Open speech with inverted commas, start speech with a capital letter, close speech with punctuation and inverted commas, write a reporting clause


Reporting clause – tells everyone who has spoken and how they have spoken.

Create a scene between Kensuke and Michael




Guided Reading on the Remote Learning Homepage

Disney Songs

Tuesday Lion King Day 2

Load up the PowerPoint and the lyrics. Follow the screens through your lesson =]



Comparing fractions where the denominator are multiples of one another


I have videoed myself going through the screens – sorry about the speed I go through, there is a limit to the size of the files we can upload. So you may have to pause it when you feel necessary.

For the task, there is 1 document but there are 3 different challenges on there. 1, 2 or 3 stars!


Enjoy =]



Write out each of these words so that you complete 2 lines in your book/paper.

Joined up handwriting

Take your time and concentrate on how each letter is formed and connected.

  • achieve
  • communicate
  • disastrous
  • guarantee
  • necessary
  • recognise
  • suggest





LO: To plan different types of enquiry. (YELLOW)

Similar to last week

Today’s lesson, you need to see what material would be best for keeping a hot drink warm.

You need to make predictions as to what you think will be best and why.

Please try to use a variety of different types of materials for the investigation


Best material for keeping coffee warm

Success criteria:

Fair test

Draw conclusions

Make predictions

Plan an enquiry


Paint trays

Variety of materials – paper towels, kitchen roll, foil, cotton wool etc.

Measuring jug





LO: To improve the mastery of painting.

Go through the screens and the PowerPoint


Recap who Georges Seurat is and what he was known for

Practise painting using pointillism and divisionism

Task – (if you do not have paints, its ok, you can achieve the same results using felt tip pens, pencils or chalk)

Create you very own picture using pointillism and divisionism


Get a picture of you own choice, and on top of it, apply pointillism and divisionism techniques.

Success criteria:

To use pointillism

To use divisionism

To use imitate artwork by Georges Seurat




~ Team Year 5 ~



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