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Purple Mash - 


Amethyst, you should find you have had an email from Miss Duggan on your purple mash account. I would like you to reply when you get the chance and refresh your memory on how to use 2Email. 

After you have finished with these challenges you can use your Fitter future log in to complete some more of the workouts.

Order of operations:


In this lesson we will be learning about the order of operations in an equation without brackets.

Reading - Please complete 3 reading challenges this week. We would love to hear any recommendations you have for reading!

English Lesson

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Holes Chapter 5

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Once you have completed the Look, Cover, Write and Check sheet. Choose four words to write the definition of and use within a funny sentence. See who can make us laugh the most! Write your sentences down in your book and email them into the class email accounts. Remind yourself of the spelling rule from yesterday. You can also complete the word search.

These videos will give you more of an idea about how taste works...


Some ideas on how to carry out your science investigation:

  • Can you find lots of green food? How would you expect it to taste? did it taste the way you expected?
  • Can you add different food colouring to lemonade or water? Does this affect how someone tastes it?
  • Can you bake a cake and change it to an unexpected colour
  • Can you ask a range of family members what their experiences are? Does this add up? Does it match your experiences with food?
  • What is your favourite food? What colour is it? Do you think the colour has an effect on you liking it?
  • Carry out some research on carrots. Did you know they used to be different colours! 
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