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Activities for Tuesday


To explore characters

Looking at your character list from yesterday. How would you tell someone who had never seen the film about that character? Would you tell them about their appearance? Their personality? What they did?

Think about what you use to describe. Most often we use adjectives which are describing words and  adverbs which describe verbs.


Today we’re focusing on summarising which means summing something up in a short clear way and description.

Using your cast list from yesterday write a short summary (one or two sentences about each character) then 3 adjectives you would use to describe them and 3 adverbs.


E.G. Harry Potter: a young boy who discovers he is a wizard. He cannot resist an adventure. Brave, impulsive, loyal. Abruptly, courageously, stubbornly. 

Choose 10 words from the 3/4 word list and use them in a sentence. If you want to do a little extra you might want to do some rainbow writing, pyramid spelling, an acrostic poem or a nonsense story. 



Complete the Alice in Wonderland reading comprehension activity. There are three levels for you to choose from you decide which one gives you the correct level of challenge. 1 star is accessible for everyone, 2 stars is a little tricky and 3 stars is challenging. 



You will be reviewing Ordering Fractions.

You can go through the PowerPoint review for Counting in Fractions should you need a recap. Then complete an ‘Ordering Fractions’ activity. This is split into 3 varying levels of challenge.


There also are 2 fantastic games on PurpleMash which are brilliant for quick fire fractions.

  1. Fraction Wall 2. Fractonio’s Pizzeria


If you want to practise your times tables why not have a go at TTRS or one of these games: 



Complete a fitness based activity. This can be inside or outside if you can do it safely. 

You could follow Joe Wicks and his daily workout

You could complete some fitness dance through either Just Dance or the Fitness Marshall 

Or alternatively you could complete a workout through fitter future. You should all have your log ons (if not, drop us an email)

Finally you might like just to complete a 3k walk :D


What are relationships?

Explain that there are good and bad relationships, that everyone will experience

What are the characteristics of a un/healthy relationship? Watch the video  

Does this seem like a healthy relationship? Why not? What should you do if you don’t feel happy or comfortable with a relationship? Who should you talk to? Remember you can always talk to a trusted adult if you’re not sure or not happy with a relationship.


For your activity today you have a list of activities. Colour all the healthy statements in one colour and all the unhealthy statements in another.


If you feel like you’re missing your friends – why not send them an email?
On PurpleMash you can use: to send messages to anyone in Year 4.


Please remember to send us any work you complete at some point during the day on either PurpleMash or through to either or


We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Team Year 4!

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