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Email Challenge of the Day:

Send us an email and tell us what your favourite flavour of ice cream is and what toppings you like to add on top.


Today, we are going to watch and listen to some more fables and identify the moral that goes with that fable.


We are also going to think about what features make the perfect fable and create poster to show this.


Log onto your Rising Stars and access one of the reading books that has been allocated to you. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes. Once you have finished the book you can take the quiz!

If you are unsure on how to access your allocated books, see the note on the Year 3 Class Page:


OR you can sign up to Oxford Owl and read books yourself there.

An adult will need to set up a free account using their email address and then create a password.

Follow this link to set up an account on Oxford Owl:

Our spelling learning today is to explore the possessive apostrophe. An apostrophe can be used to show that one thing belongs to or is connected to something. This is called a possessive apostrophe. Check out the videos, teaching and chilli challenges. There is also a task to complete about apostrophes on Purple Mash, look at your 2Do list.

This morning we are just finding the perimeter of rectangles or rectangular shapes. We will explore the different ways this can be done. Watch the two videos and teaching screens and REMEMBER you can pause, stop and re watch all the videos and screens as many times as you like.

Chilli 2 - Draw some rectangular shapes in your own book and record the measurements of the width and length, before calculating the perimeter. Use the squares in your book to help you.

For our Art lesson today will be beginning to design our T-Shirts.

Here are some links to some 'How To' videos about T-Shirt design.

1) Using fabric pens on T-Shirts -

2) Different ways to tie dye a T-Shirt -

3) Some different T-Shirt design techniques -

Art - Lesson 4

Still image for this video

For our Computing learning, we are going to continue using the program 2Calculate to help us learn more about spreadsheets.

Watch the video below (or read through the lesson screens) and then log onto Purple Mash.

You'll find today's activity in your 2Do folder (red icon at the top of the page).

Remember to save your work at the end.

You can log onto Purple Mash here:


Computing - Lesson 4

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