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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'


Hi Everyone!

Firstly can I say how amazing all your photographs, videos, work have been. Thank you, they really cheered us up! I was checking the Tapestry all the time to see what you have been uploading, new creatures, new designs. I must say, I am very proud of you all. They are all different and unique 👏👏👏


Today's plan is as follows: Videos are on Tapestry only.

Phonics: I am excited with you as we are moving on to Phase 4 already.
Kim’s game. Watch the video and see if you can join in or use different resources at home to play your own Kim's game.


We explore more about the egg and we find out who laid the egg by using Mr Tizzard’s CCTV footage! WOW! That video footage was amazing. I hope you enjoyed it. I must say, I wasn't expecting to see the dragon on our playground. Can you have a go making your own 'Lost Dragon' poster? Don't forget to share it with us.


Listen to one of the stories about the dragons. Today’s story is ‘ZOG’ by Julia Donaldson. Do you know that story?

Then have a look at the attachment below to being your first lesson at Zog’s Dragon School!


Maths: in maths the children will be looking at sizes of the eggs and will place them in the correct order. They then will use different resources (animals) to order them too. What have you got in your house that you could use to order by looking at the size? 🤔🤔🤔 shoes, socks, potatoes?? The list is endless. Have fun and share with us please 👍


I just wanted to say A HUGE WELL DONE to all that posted your designs on Tapestry. With the grownups permissions, I wanted to share some with you. I think you all deserved ‘my ketchup clap’ 😃👏👏👏😉 They are all different and that is what I like about it. Thank you 👌👍👏
You can see them attached to today’s link on Tapestry.


Have a good day.
Sending positive thoughts and smiley faces to you!
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