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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - 'CARING'


Hi everyone,
It was lovely seeing lots of you sharing all your work with us yesterday. We hope you will enjoy our new Topic and different adventures we have ready for you.
We are going to try to stick to our daily routines as much as possible but remember all our circumstances are different, so do as much as you can, little but often, have breaks between activities if you need them, a little stretch, a little snack.


Today’s plan is:
Warm up, recall days of the week and months of the year, even if we are not posting them on Tapestry, have a go yourself. Sing ABCs song using different voices: quiet, loud, squeaky, whispering, funny, etc.


Phonics: watch Mrs Prince showing the actions to go with the letters displayed on the board during the challenge-Phonics play. Can you beat their score? Have a go 👍
We are going deeper into understanding the clusters and today we will be looking at ‘st’. Have a go saying the sounds very slow then very quick. Remember, they don’t make new sound, they are just squashed together so we have to say it quicker. Have a go reading the words with the children. What do they mean? Can you use them in a sentence? Say it. You can have a go writing it if you feel confident.


Literacy: we will continue to focus on Space. Watch the video of the space rocket launch. There is lots of different videos, below is one of them

Think of your adventure; what do you think you might see inside the space rocket? What would you like to learn about? What would you like to find out about Space this week? Talk to your grownups and share with us.
Watch the story ‘Whatever next’ again. You can watch the video from Monday or follow the link below.

If you could go on an adventure, where would you go? Which planet? How would you get there? Have you got something in your house you could use for the shuttle? Use your imagination and don’t forget to share it with us. Don’t forget, you need food for the journey and something to do while you are there.


Maths: we will continue using different resources to talk about the weights. What is it? Heavy, light, heavier, lighter. Watch Miss Edmonds (on Tapestry only) showing you how to make your own scale at home. If you don’t have cups, remember that you can use the carrier bags like I did yesterday and just hang them on each end of the hanger. Don’t forget to explore different objects.


Handwriting: today we will look at ‘g’ and ‘G’. Have a go writing the letters. Remember to use our ‘froggy fingers’, sit your letters on lines, start at the top.


SHARING IDEAS: (on Tapestry only)
Please have a look at the pictures and videos attached to today’s learning. These are some of the things that children already managed to do at home and with the parents permission I am sharing them to give you different ideas of how children and their parents use their imagination 😉 So far, all is fantastic and I am sure there will be more to share with all of you because you are just AMAZING 👏👌👍


Have a great day and remember to share things with us if you can.
Stay safe and keep smiling.
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