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Activities for Tuesday


LO To use prepositions to give specific details

We are going to recapping Prepositions


What are prepositions?

preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else.


Remember prePOSITION


Watch the video =]



Your Task

Use prepositions to explain how clocks work


Either write these out in individual sentences




Challenge yourself and write them out in paragraphs. Remember to use all other English skills we have learnt this year.



First, you stand in front of the washing machine and place your clothes inside it.

Next you place your finger on the start button.

This sends alert to the shark that lives in a tank behind the washing machine.

The shark then swims among your clothes and uses his tail to hit the dirt. The pilot fish that swim next to him eat the dirt that comes off.

The shark then swims back into his tank.



Choose 10 words from the 3/4 word list and use them in a sentence. If you want to do a little extra you might want to do some rainbow writing, pyramid spelling, an acrostic poem or a nonsense story. 


It is World Book Day this week. You will be soon receiving a book day voucher which will either give you one pound off of a full price book or you can get one of the special World Book Day books for free! For your reading today spend some time looking at the selection available. Which one grabs your eye and why?



Today you are continuing your work on Roman Numerals. You will need to use the reference sheet to remind you of the numeral values. There are 4 Roman numeral worded problems to complete. Think carefully about the questions, writing down any notes or working out always helps. There are two extension challenges of you want to practise your Roman numeral skills. One coding, the other a colouring challenge.


If you want to practise your times tables why not have a go at TTRS or one of these games: 



Complete a fitness based activity. This can be inside or outside if you can do it safely. 

You could follow Joe Wicks and his daily workout

You could complete some fitness dance through either Just Dance or the Fitness Marshall 

Or alternatively you could complete a workout through fitter future. You should all have your log ons (if not, drop us an email)

Finally you might like just to complete a 3k walk.


What is marriage? What is a civil partnership? Why do people get married?

Watch a clip of a Christian wedding

Make it clear that whilst most people want to get married and are excited to in some parts of the world people can be forced into marriage.


Think of things you enjoy doing, for example going to school, hanging out with friends, watching TV or playing video games.

How would you would feel if your parents said you couldn’t do these things anymore because it was not the right thing to do.

How would you feel if you had to move to different part of the country or world.


Discuss how marriage in many places can now be between two people of the same sex as well as man and woman.


Your task today is to plan a wedding service between two people. You can draw a picture, design an invitation or write it as a recipe for the perfect wedding ceremony.


If you feel like you’re missing your friends – why not send them an email?
On PurpleMash you can use: to send messages to anyone in Year 4.


Please remember to send us any work you complete at some point during the day on either PurpleMash or through to either or


We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Team Year 4!

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