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Tuesday 6th July

Tuesday 6th July


Reading: Read for 20 -30 minutes.  If you can talk to someone about what you have read and explain some of the characters and their actions. 


Spelling: Please see the to-do sessions on your purple mash account. 


Science: We are continuing with our electricity topic.  I have put some quizzes into your Purple Mash ToDo section.


Active 15: Do something active for 15 minutes (at least!) find an old Joe Wicks online to complete, Fitter Future, Go Noodle, do some Just Dance, simply turn on some music and dance or move your body.  Keeping active is important for your mental health.  We know exercise improves our mood.


Play Rehearsal - Practice your lines with someone at home and continue to practice and learn the words for the songs.  Use the web link below if you need access to the songs/script.

Record your ideas linked to the two key questions at the end of the second page.  Focus on giving clear text examples which explain your point of view and show how the author has manipulated the reader's impressions.

Look through the PPT and then choose one of the activities.  Don't do all 3 challenges!!

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