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Tuesday 9th

Today's Learning 

  • Nursery Rhyme - I can sing a rainbow 
  • Hello song, days of the week song and Introduction to Online Safety Day.
  • Phonics - Smartie the Penguin read by Mrs Parsons 
  • Maths - Finger Print Counting with Mrs Swaine
  • Topic - Making a Sock Penguin with Mrs Swaine
  • Topic - Painting in the snow with Mrs Parsons 
  • Story Time with Mrs Swaine


Other activities can be found here!


Rhyme of the Week: I can sing a rainbow


Hello time, days of the week song and introduction to Online Safety day!

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Phonics with Mrs Parsons

Today for Online Safety Day we are going to have a look at how we stay safe online by reading our Smartie the Penguin Story.  



  • Tell your adult how you can stay safe just like Smartie?
  • Can you have a go at playing these games?


Below is our link to some exciting activities and Virtual Assemblies about Online Safety Day.  

Online Safety

Phonics with Mrs Parsons

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Today in Maths, we are going to practise our counting skills!


You will need:

  • Paint or Crayons 
  • Paper 
  • Your fingers 


How to make a caterpillar:

  • Grown ups draw a circle and put a number inside, this will be the caterpillars head.
  • The children then need to put this many finger prints next to the head to make the body of the caterpillar.
  • Talk about which caterpillar is the biggest and smallest.
  • You could try 1-5, then extend to 1-10.

(Mrs Swaine also made caterpillars out of the play dough she made yesterday!)



Counting with fingers prints

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Today we are going to make our own Smartie the Penguin to help to remind us how to stay safe online! 


You will need:

  • 2 socks
  • Rice
  • Cup or jar
  • Elastic band/hair band
  • Cotton wall/white felt/paper 
  • Orange pen, black pen
  • Glue
  • Ribbon/paper


What you need to do:

  1. Put the sock into the jar and fold it over the top.
  2. Fill the sock with rice.
  3. Take the sock out and then tie an elastic band at the top to stop the rice from falling out.
  4. Next halve the sock and make a small ball in the top and put an elastic band to hold the balls in place.
  5. Then cut off the excess sock.
  6. You now have 2 balls, this is the head and the body of the penguin.
  7. Next stick a piece of cotton wall/paper onto the tummy of your penguin and a piece on his head.
  8. You can now draw a beak and some eyes.
  9. For his hat, you need to cut the other sock at the end (the toe part) roll it up a little and place it on your penguins head.
  10. Now you can put a ribbon around his neck!


Sock Penguin

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Topic - Super quick snow activity! 


All you need is food colouring or paint and a paint brush.  Can you have a go at painting on the snow?  

Super quick activity in the snow!

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Story time

Story time with Mrs Swaine is ‘My Turn, Your Turn’

My Turn Your Turn

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