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Uniform Information





        Please note that there may be an additional delivery charge.

The uniform is as follows:


White Polo Shirt preferably with school logo or Shirt/Blouse
Blue/White Gingham Dress (Summer)
Royal Blue Fleece/Sweatshirt or Cardigan with school logo
Charcoal Grey/Black Skirt/Pinafore Dress
Charcoal Grey/Black Trousers or Tailored Shorts (not leggings or cycling shorts)
Grey/Black or White Socks, Grey/Black/Navy Blue Tights
Black Shoes/Black Trainers


Games Kit
Royal Blue T-shirt (preferably with school logo)
Black Shorts
Black/Navy tracksuit for Autumn/Spring Term
Trainers/Plimsolls for use on the field or playground


Outdoor Wear

Wellington boots (in a named carrier bag)

Waterproof jacket or coat 


Galley Hill Primary School will follow the Hertfordshire guidance on the wearing of jewellery. For Health & Safety reasons no jewellery should be worn in school, if your child has pierced ears, one pair of small plain stud earrings will be allowed. Surgical tape should be used to cover any earrings during PE, this must be applied by parent/carer on the day of your child’s PE lesson unless your child is capable of applying this themselves. Teachers cannot remove or replace earrings.

A plastic cap is required for swimming lessons.



We ask that any pupil with long hair has it tied back neatly during the school day. Hair accessories should be discrete. The children should not have patterns shaved into their hair during the school term. If this is done in the holidays, please ensure there is adequate time for it to grow out before school. 

Extreme in hairstyles, hair colour, any nail varnish or tattoos are not acceptable within the school.

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