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WB 11/1/21 - Yoga

Unicorn Yoga

Each position you should hold for 10 seconds, being still and calm. This will help you relax and stretch muscles that you might of not been using for a while! Just to recap the positions are:

The sun- arms and legs spread out as far as you can.

Unicorn- lunge forward with arms straight about your head meeting with hands.

Butterfly-  Flutter your legs as your feet meet on the floor.

Rainbow- Hinge hips forward whilst your shoulders are still on the floor.

Tree- Balancing on one leg, with arms straight in the air.

Boat- Balancing evenly on your bottom with arms out in front of you and legs straight up.

Downward Dog- Both hands and feet on the floor making a upside down V shape making sure your back is straight.

Warrior- Lunging forward with both feet facing forward as well and straight arms with one behind and one in front of you.

Can you think of any other yoga postions to do? Create a name for any new inventions!

Unicorn Yoga

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The Tree

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The Boat

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The Warrior

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Downward Dog

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