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WC: 15th June

How to guide for the Oak National Academy

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If your child is not returning to school, we are going to use the Oak National Academy.


We would like the children to continue with 1 Phonics activity, 1 Literacy/English activity, 1 maths activity every day, plus a topic activity on a Monday.


For English this week please use the 'Little Red Riding Hood' lessons 

For Maths this week please use the 'Numbers within 20' lessons.  

For Phonics please use this links to recap our learning on Phase 3, 4 and 5 phonics. 

This phonics channel is very good in terms of phonics videos.  Please note you may need to look at year 1 videos, if your child is particularly confident.


Here are some other links you may find helpful.  



Here are some videos, to support your child with the correct pronunciation.  


Phase 2 Sounds

Phase 3 Sounds

Phase 4 Sounds

Phase 5 Sounds


In Phonics, revisiting phase 3 continues to be really important that children are solid in this phase before they move onto further phases. 


In Writing, we are learning to write a sentence using clear finger spaces.  


We have also been looking at phase 4 and phase 5 please feel free to go to previous videos again to recap learning.  



In Maths, we are learning to recognise our numbers to 20.  We are learning to add and subtract within 10 and then 20. We have been looking at problem solving involving doubling, halving and sharing.  We are beginning to think about number bonds to 10 and the relationships between these numbers.  




Over the next few weeks at school we will be learning all about animals. We will focus on a different category each week, starting with...pets!

Today (Monday 15th) we would like you to read through the powerpoint below together, then discuss any pets you have or have had, and any pets your friends and family have. If you fancy a challenge, together write a list of all the things a pet needs to be happy and healthy.

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